Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2019

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill ‘Blue milk made me GAG’ What about Last Jedi’s? | Films | Entertainment

There have always been some weirder aspects to the Star Wars movies and the coloured milk has to be one of them. Back in the original Star Wars, a young Mark Hamill had to drink blue milk which made him gag. The actor tweeted this week: “Blue milk was Long Life milk (used by campers because no refrigeration is needed) w/ blue food colouring. Oily, warm & slightly sweet, it literally made me gag, but I was determined to drink it on-camera.”

Hamill added: “It was an acting challenge to appear as though I enjoyed it.”

However, when it came to drinking the green milk of the Space Cow in The Last Jedi, the Luke star had a completely different reaction.

Hamill tweeted: “Actually, the green milk (coconut water) was quite tasty!

“The green milk was just regular coconut water dyed green in post-production.”

For the more curious fans, both blue and green milk is on sale at Disneyland’s new Star Wars attraction, Galaxy’s Edge.

She said: “He’s not trying to change it to be something else.

“He really respects what it is.”

The new film concludes not just the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but also the nine-episode spanning Skywalker saga.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is released in UK cinemas on December 19, 2019.

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