Published On: Tue, Sep 17th, 2019

Italy news: Renzi walks out of Democratic Party leaving government on the brink | World | News

In a move that is expected to cause chaos for prime minister Giuseppe Conte, he ditched the centre-left party and vowed to form his own group to join a three-way coalition with Five Star Movement. He has vowed to offer his full support to Mr Conte and will continue to prop up Rome’s coalition government. Mr Renzi, 39, assured Mr Conte that he would continue to throw his weight behind the government during a telephone call last night.

The former prime minister will snatch a group of politicians from the Democratic Party to bolster the ranks of his new movement.

The 39-year-old expects dozens of his fellow senators to jump ship and join him, but he will need at least 20 members from the Chamber of Deputies to form an official party.

A group are preparing to quit Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia are said to be already considering the move.

Support for the controversial politician’s party has slumped in recent years while backing for right-wing League has soared.

The decision is likely going to play into the hands of right-wing leader Matteo Salvini, whose plot to force early elections backfired and left him out of government.

Mr Renzi has suffered a breakdown in relations with his Democratic Party colleagues since he resigned as prime minister in 2016.

He sparked fears amongst the party after promising to “be clear like I have never been in the past” when he announces his new movement.

Ettore Rosato, a Democratic Party member and close ally of Mr Renzi, said: “It is like those couples who have done all they can to stay together, but in the end they just can’t do it.”

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Giovanni Orsina, director of the Luiss school of government in Rome, said: “This new PD-Five Star coalition is still a very fragile government, a very fragile solution.

“Many consider this was played out by professional politicians entirely inside the Palazzi, without consideration for the people and with a very weak relationship with the country.”

Sofia Ventura, a political scientist at the University of Bologna, said the Democratic Party would still seek to influence the coalition despite being in a weaker position.

“This is not a paradise – the PD has still made a pact with a populist party,” she said.

“They will be hoping to do to the Five Star what the League did, which was to control the agenda of the coalition while being the smaller party.”

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