Published On: Sat, Nov 23rd, 2019

Daily horoscope for November 24: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday, November 23 will see potential misunderstandings and challenges in communication. The start of the weekend will witness a minor challenging semi-square – when two planets make when they are 45 degrees apart from each other – between Mercury and Venus in your horoscope.

Mercury and Venus are the two planets related to communication and negotiation in astrological charts.

Some misunderstanding may consequently take place when there is such a challenging aspect.

You can also expect the relying of information may not be that balanced or smooth on Saturday.

There will thankfully be no confrontation, as neither Mars or Pluto are involved.

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She said: “Harmony is key for today, so pay attention to your partner’s needs.

“If you do feel misunderstood by you partner this Saturday, ask them what they would like to tell you or do.

“This will put more of the focus him or her and the more you do this, the better they will respond.

“Therefore, Saturday is actually a great time to work on these communication issues.”

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