Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

Brexit news: Juncker attacks Boris Johnson for playing dangerous ‘blame game’ | UK | News

The European Council President insisted he and Michel Barnier are working day or night to make a deal possible. Despite the apparent breakdown in talks, he insisted that an agreement between Brussels and UK is still possible before October 31. Mr Juncker also warned MPs in Westminster that any agreement would also have to be accepted by the European Parliament.

He told MEPs: “We must also deal with the departure of a member state, that is a choice of the British people and not the choice of the European Union. Although, we are respecting that choice.

“As it stands, we remain in discussions with the UK on the terms of its departure, personally I don’t exclude a deal.”

In a scathing attack, he added: “We are not accepting this blame game that started in London.

“I would like to repeat, to the attention of our British friends, there is not only a parliament in Westminster that has to agree. Without the agreement of the European Parliament here there is no deal.”

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