Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2019

Brexit news: Amber Rudd exposes on BBC R4 who is behind explosive no deal Brexit memo | UK | News

A Downing Street source warned last night attempts from EU countries to support a Brexit delay would be viewed as a “hostile interference” in domestic politics. The source told The Spectator the UK will leave the EU with no Brexit deal on October 31 or hold an election and then leave with no deal. Amber Rudd exposed the person she believes is behind the leaked memo, claiming it has “clearly come” from 10 Downing Street.

Speaking to BBC’s Radio 4 Today Programme about the Brexit memo, she began: “It sounds angry and desperate, and the language that is used I do not believe should be the language of a UK Government.

“There is a fair amount of speculation about where it came from, but since it hasn’t been denied by Number 10 and no young woman SPAD, for instance, has been marched out of Downing Street, one can only assume it’s come from the centre.

“From the Prime Minister’s adviser, and the style seems to imply that.”

BBC host Justin Webb asked: “You think Dominic Cummings?”

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The former Work and Pensions Secretary replied: “I think Dominic Cummings yes, because otherwise it would have been heavily denied and heads would have rolled.

“So clearly it’s come from them, it’s in their style. It reveals that there doesn’t appear to be an actual plan, at all.

“Instead what they’re doing is angrily, apparently, begging the EU not to support a delay which will be required because of the position that Parliament has taken.

“I urgently would ask the Prime Minister to take control of this and give us some clarity and some dignity and diplomacy on what is taking place.”

In a summary of the press briefing, ITV’s Robert Peston tweeted: “If the EU approves a delay, Boris Johnson will do his damnedest to sabotage the functioning of the EU.”

The briefing also says: “When they say ‘so what is the point of a delay?’, we will say ‘This is not our delay, the Government is not asking for a delay – Parliament is sending you a letter and Parliament is asking for a delay but official Government policy remains that delay is an atrocious idea that everyone should dismiss.

“Any delay will in effect be negotiated between you, Parliament and the courts – we will wash our hands of it, we won’t engage in further talks, we obviously won’t be given any undertakings about cooperative behaviour, everything to do with ‘duty of sincere cooperation’ will be in the toilet, we will focus on winning the election on a manifesto of immediately revoking the entire EU legal order without further talks, and then we will leave.

“Those who supported delay will face the inevitable consequences of being seen to interfere in domestic politics in a deeply unpopular way by colluding with a Parliament that is as popular as the clap.

“Those who pushed the Benn Act intended to sabotage a deal and they’ve probably succeeded, so the main effect of it will probably be to help us win an election by uniting this leave vote and then a no deal Brexit. History is full of such ironies and tragedies.”

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