Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2020

Covid vaccine latest: ITV reporter slapped down over ‘completely unfair’ briefing probe | Politics | News

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer erupted when a reporter claimed Boris Johnson was “failing” to get a coronavirus vaccine to care home residents. ITV’s Emily Morgan asked the panel: “Your scientists have said care home residents should be the first people to get this vaccine. Are you confirming then that they won’t be and if not, aren’t you failing to protect our most vulnerable?”

Professor Van-Tam said: “Emily I think your remarks about failure are extremely unfair when one considers that a new virus emerged less than 12 months ago and we already have our first vaccine.

“Professor Stevens has been very clear that as soon as it is legally and technically possible to get the vaccine into care homes, we will do so.

“But this is a complex product with a very fragile culture.

“It’s not a yoghurt that can be taken out of the fridge and put back in multiple times.

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“It’s really tricky to handle and so I think we’ll get there as fast as we can and we are trying extremely hard.”

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