Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2020

Cancer celebrities: Which famous people are Cancers? Cancer star sign traits

Cancerians love being at home with their family.

They are the sign of the mother, just like Capricorn is the father.

Cancerians have natural maternal instincts, which means they tend to look after those around them.

They are very protective and will go out of their way to stand up for their loved ones.

Sometimes this nature, no matter how generous and well-intentioned, can be overbearing.

They also look to the past and reminisce on fond memories, unlike air signs who are forward-thinking.

Cancerians, like the other water signs, are emotional and introverted.

They are caring, nurturing, and generous, but expect this in return.

People of this sign are positive, friendly, and love to chat and host, but ultimately are careful about who they let in on a deeper level.

Cancer people are intuitive and great judges of character, and they make decisions based on their gut feelings.

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