Published On: Mon, Nov 23rd, 2020

Bank Account: Britons lose out on £4.5billion through lost accounts – how to make a claim | Personal Finance | Finance

Mr Stevens added: “A lot of dormant assets, particularly bank accounts, will belong to vulnerable customers, including those considered elderly, infirm or mentally or physically incapacitated.

“Yet, because of COVID-19, more people can be classed as vulnerable due to illness or redundancy today, and there is a risk they are being disadvantages by the lack of access to these dormant accounts, as existing search services do not necessarily cater for these types of customers.”

As a result, the company hopes it will be able to help people identify any lost pots of money in a quick and easy way.

For those who wish to find a lost or dormant bank account, there are several courses of action to take.

On the whole, it is generally suggested Britons first approach the bank in question if they can.

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