Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2020

Blue Moon spiritual meaning: How will Halloween’s Hunter’s Moon affect your horoscope?

Blue Moons play a prominent role in today’s culture outside of astrology. Many people most probably have heard the saying “once in a Blue Moon” to describe a rare occurrence.

There is also the popular Ella Fitzgerald tune Blue Moon, not to mention the delicious Belgian-style beer.

The original meaning of a Blue Moon does not disappoint.

And it is actually as enchanting as you would expect.

The best-known definition of a Blue Moon is a second Full Moon taking place in a single month in the Gregorian Calendar.

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An astrological blue moon amplifies the effect of its respective zodiac phase.

As an example, the Blue Moon occurring next August will exaggerate the characteristics of Fire sign Leo.

This is believed to cause people to become more creative, dramatic, and even a little passionate.

An astrological Blue Moon may also enhance the energy of whatever sign Earth’s natural satellite is passing through.

In the aforementioned example, this will be the star sign Aquarius.

As a Full Moon is considered symbolic of culmination, completion, and fruition, a Blue Moon in Aquarius will be dead set on impressing your inner worlds.

As a result, individuality, rebellion and a concern for the planet as a whole should be plain to see.

But despite the fact Halloween 2020 will not involve an astrological Blue Moon, Saturday should still be a night to remember.

You can expect to experience immense cosmic forces influencing you from afar.

And coupled with this, there should simply be a memorable sight to see in the sky – weather permitting.

And because this Hunter’s Moon falls on Halloween, this should only enhance this lunar effect.

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