Published On: Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020

Libra weekly horoscope: What’s in store for the last week of October?

Libra season was intense, with a Full Moon in Aries, a New Moon in Libra, Mercury Retrograde AND Mars Retrograde. Libra season ended on Friday, October 23, but that doesn’t mean the planets are done meddling with Libras. Here’s the weekly horoscope for Libras.

Scorpio season started on Friday, October 23, which means Librans might have felt not themselves.

Scorpio season automatically hits you and makes you feel a little emotional.

Librans may be feeling less of a party spirit, instead opting for deep conversations and searching for connections in your love life.

So what’s the horoscope for next week?

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On Wednesday, October 28, Mercury retrograde continues but moves into Libra.

The retrograde has been in Scorpio since Tuesday, October 13, and comes to a close on November 3.

The first part of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio revealed some things that you thought you’d buried, or perhaps some dark secrets have come up.

Maybe a lie you told has come back to haunt you, or you’ve found out your partner cheated on you?

From Wednesday, Mercury retrogrades more into Libra and there may be even more disharmony for you.

Misunderstandings, poor communication, and lack of patience may attack.

Remember to pick your battles wisely, and wait until the week is over to make any decisions.

Wednesday is an eventful day because Venus enters Libra at the same time.

Venus rules love and Libra rules marriage and other romantic relationships.

This is good for you Libra, if you are in a positive relationship you will find more balance in it.

If you are in a relationship that is quite toxic and unbalanced, you might realise that this isn’t what you want.

Stop ignoring red flags and do what is best for you.

Finally, on Saturday October 31st there is a Blue Moon in Taurus!

A Blue Moon is when there is an extra moon within a month or season.
This only happens every two to three years, and the fact that it’s on Halloween is extra spooky!

The month of October started and ended with a Full Moon, which means this month has been totally transformative.

According to Moon Mentor Kirsty Gallagher, author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, a Blue Moon is an opportunity for change.

Librans have gone through relationship issues, disagreements with colleagues, and other setbacks this month on top of fun times partying and celebrating their birthdays… and this Blue Moon is a great time to reflect.

What are you putting off? Are you avoiding tidying your room, or is it time to dump your boyfriend?

Now is your chance to get it done!

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