Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2020

How to get rid of cellulite


You’d think that getting rid of cellulite involved eating fewer calories, but you’re wrong.

Kate said: “A low-calorie diet doesn’t help with cellulite, it actually tends to make the problem worse because there is typically not enough protein in it.”

Instead, you should eat more protein and less carbs.

Kate explained: “Diet plays a particularly key role in getting rid of cellulite.

“Foods rich in salt, sugar, carbs are hydrophilic and encourage water retention.

“However, protein promotes the elimination of water via urine”

You should eat a diet that includes more than 60gms of protein a day, and this can include lean meat, fish eggs, or any protein you like.

If you’re vegan, try to include tofu, seitan, tempeh or soya.

Kate said: “A protein-rich diet helps you lose weight without losing muscle or skin tone, promotes elimination (especially if you drink plenty of water) and purges or ‘dries out’ tissues filled with water, which can be a real problem during the premenstrual cycle or perimenopause.

“So, upping your protein and water intake makes a killer combination for addressing cellulite.”

On top of that, add in dark vegetables and berries which are packed with antioxidants.

Kate said: “Antioxidants help to maintain strong capillary health, helping to limit vascular issues and puffiness.”

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