Published On: Wed, Oct 21st, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Royal uses parenting trick with children ‘out of character’

Kate Middleton and Prince William are both senior working royals. As well as their important royal role, the couple are raising three young children.

They are the parents of Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

The children have made a few rare appearances over the years.

Kate has also shared some of her parenting experiences with the public.

These rare insights may have revealed a lot about the parenting style of Kate and Prince William, parenting expert Martina Mercer explained.

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She claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge has taken a modern approach to parenting.

The expert told “Kate’s parenting style can easily be described as modern.

“Alongside her own values, she’s obviously researched the best ways to bring up children in today’s society.

“She displays a lot of parenting techniques that are current in the world of child psychology.”


The Duchess of Cambridge seems to have taken a hands-on approach to parenting, Martina added.

“She understands the importance of being on a level with children and not towering over them,” the expert continued.

“This has been a trend in the last few decades, as psychologists have explained that it has many benefits.

“It removes the fear of the parent while utilising eye contact and connecting with the child on their level.

“It enhances communication, understanding and ultimately demonstrates love.”

Using these techniques shows a more contemporary parenting style that may not have been used by royals in the past.

Martina explained: “She’s a mother we can all relate to as she simply wants to bring up children who are respectful, well mannered, but above all, happy and loved.

“It’s been said that the Queen isn’t fond of public displays of affection.

“However, Kate has naturally incorporated this into her parenting without upsetting the royal applecart, or without disrespecting royal etiquette.

“This demonstrates that the Royal Family does evolve with the times, as when Charles was a boy it would have been completely out of character for the Queen to crouch down to talk to him or for her to show any type of affection in public.

“Kate’s parenting style creates a connection between the public and the Royal Family, as we can relate to her love of the children.

“It has managed to take the Royal Family into the 21st century while creating a relatability.”

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