Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2020

Chelsea news: Rival manager explains problem Frank Lampard had with Christian Pulisic | Football | Sport

He said: “The perception in Europe, mostly, is that the American player is willing to run, willing to fight, has good mentality, but technically they’re not very gifted and tactically they’re not very aware and their experiences aren’t very big.

“But we’re seeing that change. We’re seeing more and more of these players develop themselves.

“Even Frank Lampard, when I spoke to him in pre-season a year ago now, I was talking to him about having Christian Pulisic and he was kind of like, ‘Yeah, he’s got a lot to learn so we’ll see how he does.’

“I said to him; ‘Listen, he was at Dortmund, and they had a high level of tactical thinking, of playing, and he was very successful.’

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