Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2020

China v India news: Beijing slams Delhi for ‘illegal set up’ of border territory | World | News

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, said border infrastructure development was “the root cause for tension between the two sides”. He said that neither China nor India should take action that might further escalate tensions despite Beijing’s own building along the border.

It comes as border tensions between the two sides have reach their worst in decades in eastern Ladakh.

Mr Zhao reacted the to a series of bridges which have been built in India which include eight in Ladakh.

He said: “First I want to make it clear that China does not recognise the Ladakh Union Territory illegally set up by the Indian side and the Arunachal Pradesh.

“We stand against the development of infrastructure facilities aimed at military contention along the border area.

“Based on consensus, neither should take actions along the border that might escalate the situation that is to avoid undermining the efforts by the two sides to ease the situation.”

Officials have said the new bridges opened by the Indian Defence Minister will allow troops and weapons to move faster near the disputed border.

Mr Zhao added: “We urge the Indian side to earnestly implement our consensus and refrain from actions that might escalate the situation and take concrete measures to safeguard peace and tranquillity along the border.”

Senior officials from India and China met on Monday in Ladakh for the seventh time in an attempt to restore peace amid rising tensions.

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The statement read: “Both sides agreed to earnestly implement the important understandings reached by the leaders of the two countries, not to turn differences into disputes, and jointly safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas.”

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, said Beijing follows all border agreements signed with India.

He said: “China consistently and strictly abides by the agreements signed with the Indian side.

“We are committed to maintaining peace and stability along the border with India; at the same time, we firmly safeguard our sovereignty, territorial integrity and security.

“For a long time, [the] Chinese side have been conducting activities on the Chinese side of the LAC and they have always complied with relevant agreements.”

Tensions between China and India have been called the worst in decades and have remained high since the Galwan Valley attack in June.

The collision saw 20 Indian soldiers die following a clash with Chinese troops in the area.

The hand-to-hand battle was the most serious military confrontation between the two neighbours in more than half a century.

After the clash, both nations had agreed to pull back their troops.

But India has since accused China of violating the border agreement.

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