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Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic LIVE updates: Nadal one set away from Roger Federer record | Tennis | Sport

  • Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic meet for the 56th time with the winner claiming the French Open title
  • Nadal is aiming for a historic 13th French Open trophy and his 20th Grand Slam title
  • Djokovic is targeting his second win at the French Open and the 18th major of his career


THIRD SET (*denotes server)

*NADAL 6-0 6-2 2-2 DJOKOVIC

A chance for Djokovic but he flicks a makeable backhand wide, 30-15. Too good from Nadal as he anticipates Djokovic’s return and fires a backhand winner into the open court.

NADAL 6-0 6-2 1-2 DJOKOVIC*

Forehand from Djokovic flies long, 15-30. A let off for Djokovic as Nadal misses with a wide open forehand. Djokovic goes for an ambitious forehand but it goes wide, break point Nadal. Nadal backhand long, deuce. Serve and volley by Djokovic for the first time in a match and it works. And Djokovic escapes.

*NADAL 6-0 6-2 1-1 DJOKOVIC

Djokovic almost has to be perfect to win a point on Nadal’s serve today. Another imperious service hold by the Spaniard.

NADAL 6-0 6-2 0-1 DJOKOVIC*

Big wide serve from Djokovic to move to 40-15. And he gets the early lead in the set with some big hitting.



Djokovic dropshot into the net, 30-0. Nadal forehand winner down the line, 40-0. Three set points. First double fault of the match from Nadal. Big shot making from Djokovic to make it 40-30. Code violation for Nadal after taking more than 25 seconds to serve. But after 95 minutes, Nadal is one set away from a 20th Grand Slam.


Dropshot winner from Djokovic, 15-15. But credit to the world No 1 as he battles to get a second game of the match. Still an uphill task from here.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal won the first set 6-0 (Image: GETTY)


Outrageously good from Nadal as he defends the baseline and then cracks a 99mph forehand winner down the line, 40-0.

And another forehand winner. Just too good from Nadal.


More problems for Djokovic as he slips to 15-30. Double fault Djokovic, his third of the match, break point Nadal. Djokovic ace, he desperately needed that.

Another mesmerising rally and it ends with Nadal flicking another winner past Djokovic. Djokovic forehand clips the net and drop wide. Double break for Nadal.


This feels like a must win set for Djokovic but he is struggling to make headway in Nadal’s service games. But he finishes well with a forehand to take the game to 40-30. 

Then rifles a backhand winner, deuce. Potential a big miss from Djokovic as he puts a mid-court forehand into the net and Nadal holds.


Blistering Nadal backhand winner down the line, 0-30. Djokovic smash winner, 30-30. Djokovic forehand long, break point Nadal. 

Perfection from Djokovic with a forehand winner, deuce. Djokovic forehand into the net, break point Nadal. Saved when Nadal nets a defensive forehand.

Great hustle from Nadal to chase down a Nadal dropshot and slice a backhand into the open court, break point. Nadal does get the break as Djokovic nets a forehand.


Forehand winner from Djokovic and the shake of a fist afterwards, 15-30. Good response from Nadal, who draws errors from Djokovic to move 40-30 ahead.

And the Spaniard holds again.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic LIVE (Image: GETTY)


Nadal forehand winner, 15-30. Two more break points as Djokovic puts a forehand wide. Saved with a forehand winner. 

A wild forehand from Djokovic gives Nadal a third break point opportunity. Nice from Djokovic as he wrongfoots Nadal with a forehand winner.

After 55 minutes Djokovic is finally on the board.



Djokovic cracks a backhand winner down the line, 15-15. But he puts yet another backhand wide and it is two set points for Nadal.

Nadal ace. 6-0. Amazing.


A chance for Djokovic to finally get on the board as he races to 40-0. Nadal pulls the game back to 40-30. Djokovic get caught out by a bad bounce and it’s deuce.

Stunning anticipation from Nadal to hustle and force an error from Djokovic, break point Nadal. Great response by Djokovic as he rifles a forehand into the corner.

Poor dropshot from Djokovic to give up another break point but on the next point he plays the shot again and gets rewarded. Djokovic backhand wide, break point Nadal.

Wow. Breathtaking backhand winner from Nadal. 5-0 in 41 minutes. Nadal to serve for the bagel.


Djokovic is having a hard time breaking down Nadal’s defences in rallies. The Spaniard is making Djokovic play the extra ball and drawing errors. 

An astonishing stat from the match so far, both players have made every return so far. Djokovic backhand winner down the line, break point.

Vintage Nadal forehand winner, phenomenal footwork. Nadal nets a volley, break point Djokovic. Nadal gets Djokovic on the stretch and gets another error. 

Incredible rally ends with Nadal surprisingly dumping a forehand into the net, another break point for Djokovic. Saved again by Nadal after a big backhand.

Djokovic misses his first return of the match and Nadal follows up with an ace to get himself out of trouble.


A smash winner then a double fault gives Nadal two break points. Djokovic saves the first after his backhand pass was too hot for Nadal. But Djokovic nets another backhand to gift Nadal the double break. A nervous start by the world No 1.


The match might be in the early stages but the ball striking from both men is incredible already. Nadal moves to 40-15 after Djokovic nets a backhand.

But the Serbian responds with an excellent backhand winner. Great lob by Djokovic catches out Nadal and it is another deuce game.

Nadal does consolidate the break when Djokovic puts a backhand long.


Interesting start from Djokovic as he uses his backhand dropshot on three occasions in the opening game. First winner of the match comes from the racket of Nadal, who rifles a backhand cross curt, deuce. Djokovic plays another dropshot but Nadal keeps himself in the point and then forces an error from Djokovic, break point. 

Djokovic goes wide with a backhand and Nadal breaks. First blood to the 12-time champion.

14:07: Djokovic to serve first…

14:03: The players are out on court. Around 1,000 spectators are on court to give the two players a huge reception.

13:58: A quick reminder that Nadal is 99-2 at the French Open. What a day it would be if he hit a century. For Djokovic he is trying to become first man in the Open Era to win all four Grand Slams twice.

13:55: The French Open organisers have decided to close the roof on Philippe Chatrier with rain forecast later in the day

13:45: Nadal has reached the final without dropping a set so far despite the tricky conditions. In contrast, Djokovic needed five sets to beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semi-finals on Friday.

13:35: It is the showdown the tennis world has been waiting for since the start of the tournament. The 12-time champion vs the world No 1. The King of Clay vs the impenetrable wall. 

13:30: Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of the French Open men’s singles final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

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