Published On: Mon, Oct 5th, 2020

US Election polls: Biden may face same fate as Clinton as experts warn ‘don’t trust polls’ | World | News

Polls tracking the US election this year have overwhelmingly supported Joe Biden, whom the Democratic National Committee selected as a candidate in August. Mr Biden is running a tireless campaign, aided by successive failings in Donald Trump’s administration which came to a head last week when they clashed in their first on-stage debate. But the race so far draws uncomfortable similarities to 2016, when the same polls projected victory for Hillary Clinton.

Recent polls have put Mr Biden in the same place as the former Democrat contender, 14 points ahead of Mr Trump.

As the President began his second day in hospital last weekend, an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found he had claimed just 39 percent of the prospective vote to his rival’s 53.

Onlookers noted while the results seemed encouraging for Mr Biden, they should also serve as a call for action.

One Twitter user, Duke University student Robert DeNault, noted former Democrat Hillary Clinton stood at the same advantage in October 2016.

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Speaking on Fox News Sunday, senior adviser Steve Cortes said: “It’s important that our campaign vigorously proceeds.

“The Maga [Make America Great Again) movement is bigger than just President Trump.

“He’s instrumental of course but he is not the only key element.

“The other people, including of course the vice-president, campaign people, millions of regular Americans need to step up and to some degree fill the void that is left because our champion, our main instrument, is not able at this moment to vigorously campaign.”

Mr Biden has briefly suspended attack adverts against Mr Trump while he remains in hospital, but Democrats remain adamant this will not absolve him of his record.

Amy Klobuchar, Democratic senator for Minnesota, addressed Fox News on the same day as Mr Cortes, telling Chris Wallace the Democrat leader will continue to push on the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic.

She said: “[Biden] has said, ‘Look, I want the president to be back,’ he wants to debate him more, he wants him to have a speedy recovery.

“It isn’t about politics or partisanship, but certainly the pandemic, the effect it has had on people’s lives, how they have miscalculated in this administration, of course, that’s on the table.”

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