Published On: Fri, Oct 2nd, 2020

China accuses UK activists of ‘ASSAULTING’ London Embassy as tensions continue to soar | World | News

Beijing’s diplomatic mission in the UK has urged British authorities to take action against the demonstrators. The Chinese embassy in London issued a statement condemning the people who burned their national flag and “assaulted the Embassy building”.

In the statement, the China’s ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming said: “In blatant, flagrant and abominable acts of vandalizing and insult in front of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, a dozen ‘Hong Kong independence’ rioters set fire to the national flag of China, assaulted the main gate of the Embassy building and put up ‘Hong Kong independence’ slogans on the gate.”

He expressed “strong indignation and condemnation” against the “despicable acts” that took place on Thursday.

But the British Government argued that people in the UK have the right to demonstrate their views.

A Government spokesman said: “People in the UK have the right to gather together and to demonstrate their views, provided that they do so within the law.

“The UK takes its obligation to protect diplomatic buildings and personnel seriously.”

The protestors reportedly trampled on and burned several Chinese flags while others threw liquid on the Embassy’s gate and attached anti-Beijing posters.

The demonstrators also allegedly kicked and beat the gate with wooden sticks.

The group chanted the slogans “Hong Kong independence, the only way” and “Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times” as well as singing Glory to Hong Kong, the anthems of last year’s Hong Kong protests.

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However, the Chinese embassy in the UK urged the Government to ensure the safety of its consulates in Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh.

Mr Lui said: “The Chinese embassy in the UK also urges the UK side to take concrete measures to fulfil its responsibilities as the receiving state [and] safeguard the inviolability of diplomatic and consular missions.”

Separately a ‘Global Day of Action’ saw a message projected by the World Uyghur Congress onto the Houses of Parliament in London.

The messaged urged people to “stand up against China’s attack on human rights”.

China has face international criticism over its alleged persecution of Uyghur Muslims in the country.

The minority group live mostly in the Xinjiang province in northwestern China.

Beijing has detained up to a million Uyghurs over recent years in what China calls “re-education camps”.

China initially denied the existence of the camps but then said they were crucial to fight against separatist violence in Xinjiang.

In July, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab accused Beijing of “gross and egregious” human rights abuses against the minority Muslim group.

Protesters have been gathering outside the Chinese embassy in London every Friday chanting the slogans “Free Hong Kong”, “Free Uyghurs” and “Free Tibet”.

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