Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2020

Brexit news: France celebrate UK legal action while facing 63 infringement claims | Politics | News

The infringement proceedings against Paris are for apparent breaches of the bloc’s rules on money laundering, environmental and waste regulations. Eurocrats are currently working on almost 2,000 open infringement cases against EU member states in a crackdown on alleged rule-breakers. Angela Merkel’s Germany has also wracked up legal challenges from the European Commission.

Berlin is currently facing 83 open infringement proceedings, according to the latest available information.

This includes alleged infractions of the bloc’s customs union, taxation, internal market, environmental and transport rules.

Poland and Hungary, considered the EU’s most contentious members, have a total of 150 open cases against them for apparent breaches.

The figures emerged after EU boss Ursula von der Leyen announced the bloc would take action against Britain for an alleged breach of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The European Commission President claimed the Government’s Internal Market Bill was “by its nature a breach of good faith” signed up to as part of last year’s divorce pact.

She added that if adopted in its current form, the legislation would be in “full contradiction” to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“We had invited our British friends to remove the problematic parts of their draft Internal Market Bill by the end of September,” she said.

“This draft Bill is by its nature a breach of the obligation of good faith laid down in the Withdrawal Agreement. Moreover, if it is adopted as it is, it will be in full contradiction to the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

“The deadline lapsed on Wednesday. The problematic provisions have not been removed. Therefore this morning the Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to the UK Government – this is the first step in an infringement procedure.”

Responding to the announcement, French Europe minister Clement Beaune said: “Facing the British non-compliance with commitments, the European Union is initiating legal proceedings. Respect for the law and the word given is a condition of trust.”

Downing Street defended its legislation, insisting it is a “safety net” to protect Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom.

No 10 insiders have quietly dismissed the Commission’s decision to take legal action.

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Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe said: “We know that they are a ‘do as say, not as I do’ group.

“That is the nature of the beast.”

And Brexit Party colleague Alexandra Phillips added: “The EU has had infringement procedures against every member state at one point or another.”

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